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  • The British Are Coming
    First Broadcast: (30/12/1982)
    The Germans steal the local valuables, and René is forced to aid the local Resistance.

Series 1 (1984)

  1. The Fallen Madonna
    First Broadcast: (14/09/1984)
    René tries to get a forgery of The Fallen Madonna made, as Hitler himself wants the original!
  2. Pigeon Post
    First Broadcast: (21/09/1984)
    The uniforms of the German officers have been borrowed and accidentally burnt, so some must be made in London.
  3. Savile Row to the Rescue
    First Broadcast: (28/09/1984)
    The Germans participate in Resistance activity so they can get their uniforms back.
  4. The Execution
    First Broadcast: (05/10/1984)
    René is caught blowing up a railway line, and is consequently ordered to be executed.
  5. The Funeral
    First Broadcast: (12/10/1984)
    René starts to pose as his own twin brother - but this requires that a funeral must take place.
  6. Red Nick's Colonel
    First Broadcast: (19/10/1984)
    René is ordered by the Communist Resistance to shoot the Colonel and the Captain.
  7. The Dance of Hitler Youth
    First Broadcast: (26/10/1984)
    The Resistance attempt to retrieve the real painting and help the airmen escape, while the Germans have a party in the café.

Series 2 (1985)

  1. Six Big Boobies
    First Broadcast: (02/10/1985)
    Herr Flick calls on the help of Gruber, when he ends up with three paintings - two of which are forgeries.
  2. The Wooing of Widow Artois
    First Broadcast: (28/10/1985)
    René must try to win back the heart of Madame Edith, now that she is a rich widow and the subject of much wooing.
  3. The Policeman Cometh
    First Broadcast: (04/11/1985)
    British Intelligence send Crabtree to France to try and assist the Resistance.
  4. Swiftly and with Style
    First Broadcast: (11/11/1985)
    René is challenged to a duel by Monsieur Alfonse to win Madame Edith.
  5. The Duel
    First Broadcast: (18/11/1985)
    The Colonel offers to accidentally kill Monsieur Alfonse while The Duel takes place.
  6. Herr Flick's Revenge
    First Broadcast: (25/11/1985)
    Herr Flick arrests and tortures René, the Colonel and Hans.
  7. The Gâteau from the Château (Klinkerhoffen in Control) (Christmas Special)
    First Broadcast: (26/12/1985)
    The General takes command of the district, forcing the German officers, the Gestapo and the Resistance each to try and kill him.

Series 3 (1986–1987)

  1. The Nicked Knockwurst
    First Broadcast: (05/12/1986)
    The Communist Resistance have stolen the sausage containing the portrait of The Fallen Madonna.
  2. Gruber Does Some Mincing (Gruber Carpeted)
    First Broadcast: (12/12/1986)
    The stolen sausage ends up in the mouth of Lt. Gruber's Alsatian dog.
  3. The Sausage in the Wardrobe
    First Broadcast: (19/12/1986)
    The sausage ends up in the wardrobe of the General; forcing the Resistance, the Germans, and the Gestapo to try and retrieve it.
  4. Flight of Fancy
    First Broadcast: (26/12/1986)
    The Resistance attempt to get the Airmen to escape to England in an antique plane.
  5. Pretty Maids All in a Row
    First Broadcast: (02/01/1987)
    The Airmen are dressed up as "women of the street", so they can be theatrically shot and transported to the mortuary.
  6. The Great Un-Escape
    First Broadcast: (09/01/1987)
    The Resistance build a tunnel into the local Prisoner of War camp, to try and hide the British airmen.

Series 4 (1987)

  1. Prisoners of War (Hans Goes Over The Top)
    First Broadcast: (07/11/1987)
    The Resistance and the German officers get used to life inside the Prisoner of War camp.
  2. Camp Dance
    First Broadcast: (14/11/1987)
    Gruber rescues everyone (including the British airmen) from the Prisoner of War camp.
  3. Good Staff Are Hard to Find
    First Broadcast: (21/11/1987)
    As René's waitress Maria did not escape from the Prisoner of War camp, a replacement waitress is found in the form of Mimi.
  4. The Flying Nun
    First Broadcast: (28/11/1987)
    Herr Flick jams the Resistance's radio signal, forcing them to use a kite aerial instead.
  5. The Sausages in the Trousers
    First Broadcast: (05/12/1987)
    A mix up of sausages happens at the café when paintings, batteries and dynamite are all delivered at the same time.
  6. The Jet-Propelled Mother-In-Law
    First Broadcast: (12/12/1987)
    The Resistance work in the commandeered local vineyard, in an attempt to find a spy camera which was dropped there by the RAF.

Series 5 (1988–1989)

  1. Desperate Doings in the Dungeon
    First Broadcast: (03/09/1988)
    René is tricked by Herr Flick, and imprisoned in the Château dungeon.
  2. The Camera in the Potato
    First Broadcast: (10/09/1988)
    René has a midnight encounter with Lt. Gruber after trying to photograph the safe in the Château.
  3. Dinner with the General
    First Broadcast: (17/09/1988)
    The General invites Helga to dinner, while the Resistance break into the Château disguised as firemen.
  4. The Dreaded Circular Saw
    First Broadcast: (24/09/1988)
    René and LeClerc escape from the Château, but are promptly captured by the Communist Resistance.
  5. Otherwise Engaged
    First Broadcast: (01/10/1988)
    The leader of the Communist Resistance turns out to be René's childhood sweetheart.
  6. A Marriage of Inconvenience
    First Broadcast: (08/10/1988)
    Denise orders René to marry her, but Edith and the café waitresses have other ideas.
  7. No Hiding Place
    First Broadcast: (15/10/1988)
    The Communist Resistance orders revenge on René's household, due to the failed marriage ceremony.
  8. The Arrival of the Homing Duck
    First Broadcast: (22/10/1988)
    The RAF send a long-distance duck, so the Resistance can deliver the microfilm back to England.
  9. Watch the Birdie
    First Broadcast: (29/10/1988)
    The long-distance duck escapes, but the invasion plans still need to be photographed.
  10. René - Under an Assumed Nose
    First Broadcast: (05/11/1988)
    René is ordered to be shot, and so disguises himself as a French General.
  11. The Confusion of the Generals
    First Broadcast: (12/11/1988)
    The General holds his conference in the café, while lots of British airmen are trying to escape.
  12. Who's for the Vatican
    First Broadcast: (19/11/1988)
    The Colonel decides to try and hide in the Vatican, but he needs to sell the paintings first.
  13. Ribbing the Bonk
    First Broadcast: (26/11/1988)
    René robs the local bank in order to pay the Communist's ransom for the Colonel.
  14. The Reluctant Millionaires
    First Broadcast: (03/12/1988)
    René finds out that the money stolen from the bank was Gestapo money.
  15. A Duck for Launch
    First Broadcast: (10/12/1988)
    The microfilm is ready to be sent to England, but the long-distance duck will not leave.
  16. The Exploding Bedpan
    First Broadcast: (17/12/1988)
    Alfonse is arrested by the Gestapo for passing forged banknotes; but he collapses and is sent to hospital.
  17. Going Like a Bomb
    First Broadcast: (24/12/1988)
    The Resistance plot to have the British airmen sent back to London inside empty landmines.
  18. Money to Burn
    First Broadcast: (31/12/1988)
    Madame Fanny accidentally burns the stolen money, just as Herr Flick orders that it be returned to him.
  19. Puddings Can Go Off
    First Broadcast: (07/01/1989)
    The Resistance have used the explosive from the landmines to make 500 exploding Christmas puddings.
  20. Land Mines for London
    First Broadcast: (14/01/1989)
    Flick and Von Smallhausen hide in the empty landmines; just as they are sent to be dropped over England.
  21. Flight to Geneva
    First Broadcast: (21/01/1989)
    René has had enough of the war and decides to elope with Yvette on-board the Geneva Express.
  22. Train of Events
    First Broadcast: (28/01/1989)
    Edith ends up in the place of Yvette; while Gruber and the Colonel attempt to retrieve the real painting.
  23. An Enigma Variation
    First Broadcast: (04/02/1989)
    The Resistance pose as a musical quartet to retrieve the paintings and an Enigma machine from the Château.
  24. Wedding Bloss
    First Broadcast: (11/01/1989)
    Edith orders René to remarry her immediately; but Alfonse has to perform the ceremony.
  25. Down the Drain
    First Broadcast: (18/02/1989)
    The Resistance attempt to get the Enigma machine to England by flushing it down the town's drains.
  26. All in Disgeese
    First Broadcast: (25/02/1989)
    Everyone goes in disguise, as René is ordered to be shot if the Enigma machine is not returned.

Series 6 (1989)

  1. Desperate Doings in the Graveyard
    First Broadcast: (02/09/1989)
    Gruber gets the shock of his life, when he sees the Ghost of René's dead twin brother in the graveyard.
  2. The Gestapo for the High Jump
    First Broadcast: (09/09/1989)
    The Gestapo are tricked into believing that the local Resistance is made up of witches and monsters.
  3. The Nouvion Oars
    First Broadcast: (16/09/1989)
    The Resistance attempt to help the Airmen get to a British submarine, which is waiting in the local river estuary.
  4. The Nicked Airmen
    First Broadcast: (23/09/1989)
    After failing to make it to the submarine, the British Airmen are captured by the German officers.
  5. The Airmen De-Nicked
    First Broadcast: (30/09/1989)
    The Resistance disguise themselves as Intelligence officers, so they can free the British Airmen.
  6. The Crooked Fences
    First Broadcast: (07/10/1989)
    René arranges a "fence" where the painting is exchanged for the stolen gold from the cuckoo clock.
  7. Crabtree's Podgeon Pist
    First Broadcast: (14/10/1989)
    The wedding of Fanny and LeClerc takes place, at which time the Airmen will attempt to escape in a helium filled balloon.
  8. Rising to the Occasion
    First Broadcast: (21/10/1989)
    The General is placed in hospital after he goes mad. The helium balloon rises up with the bed of Fanny and LeClerc attached to it.

Series 7 (1991)

  1. A Quiet Honeymoon
    First Broadcast: (05/01/1991)
    General Von Flockenstuffen takes command of the district; while Fanny and LeClerc are placed in prison.
  2. An Almighty Bang
    First Broadcast: (12/01/1991)
    General Von Klinkerhoffen manages to escape from the hospital; and Von Flockenstuffen is blown up in René's café.
  3. Fleeing Monks
    First Broadcast: (19/01/1991)
    René is to be given a collaborator's medal, but decides to try and escape to England instead.
  4. Up the Crick Without a Piddle
    First Broadcast: (26/01/1991)
    Edith ends up with René in England, where they both happen to meet Hans Geering (who has switched sides).
  5. The Gestapo Ruins a Picnic
    First Broadcast: (02/02/1991)
    The Resistance try to get the airmen back to England by using telegraph poles to make a raft.
  6. The Spirit of Nouvion
    First Broadcast: (09/02/1991)
    The local paper runs a "Spirit of Nouvion" contest; while the Resistance break into Herr Flick's safe.
  7. Leg it to Spain!
    First Broadcast: (16/02/1991)
    The Resistance place the Airmen in wine barrels, which are promptly commandeered by the General.
  8. Prior Engagements
    First Broadcast: (23/02/1991)
    The General suggests that Edith marry Captain Bertorelli, so a mixed marriage can be promoted in the local paper.
  9. Soup and Sausage
    First Broadcast: (02/03/1991)
    In an attempt to rescue the Airmen from the sewer, René brings out his old ice-cream truck as a distraction.
  10. René of the Gypsies
    First Broadcast: (16/03/1991)
    As the previous plan failed, the Resistance organise a Gypsy Carnival.
  11. A Bun in the Oven (Christmas Special)
    First Broadcast: (24/12/1991)
    Yvette reveals that she is pregnant; while Helga removes one of the boobies from the painting to keep as a bargaining tool.

Series 8 (1992)

  1. Arousing Suspicions
    First Broadcast: (05/01/1992)
    Michelle comes up with the idea of creating a travelling propaganda radio station.
  2. A Woman Never Lies
    First Broadcast: (12/01/1992)
    Michelle blackmails the German officers, which forces the officers to rob a German pay truck.
  3. Hitler's Last Heil
    First Broadcast: (19/01/1992)
    The General makes the Colonel and Gruber dress up as Hitler and Goering.
  4. Awful Wedded Wife
    First Broadcast: (26/01/1992)
    The Colonel and Gruber are captured by the Communist Resistance, thinking that they are Hitler and Goering.
  5. Firing Squashed
    First Broadcast: (02/02/1992)
    The De Gaulle Resistance try to kidnap Hitler and Goering (the Colonel and Gruber) from the Communists.
  6. A Fishful of Francs
    First Broadcast: (09/02/1992)
    The Colonel tries to pay the Resistance's ransom. René and Edith (now dressed as Hitler and Goering) are captured.
  7. A Swan Song
    First Broadcast: (01/03/1992)
    The Colonel and Gruber try to flee to Spain, while Madame Fanny and LeClerc head for Paris.

Series 9 (1992)

  1. Gone with the Windmill
    First Broadcast: (09/11/1992)
    René suggests that the Colonel and Gruber fake their own kidnapping.
  2. A Tour de France
    First Broadcast: (16/11/1992)
    René is captured by Louise, and is made the Communist Resistance's love slave.
  3. Dead Man Marching
    First Broadcast: (23/11/1992)
    René must try and explain his existence, as the Germans think that he is dead!
  4. Tarts and Flickers
    First Broadcast: (30/11/1992)
    The Resistance come up with a plan to use a Fishmonger's float, in order to get some necessary microfilm sent to England.
  5. A Fishy Send-Off
    First Broadcast: (07/12/1992)
    The General discusses his assassination plan; while Herr Flick tries to gain the real painting before the Allies arrive.
  6. A Winkle in Time
    First Broadcast: (14/12/1992)
    The Allies reach Nouvion, forcing the General to surrender. Many years later, the missing painting is found inside the statue of René in the town square... René steals Gruber's car and elopes with Yvette.

The Best of 'Allo 'Allo (1994)

  • First Broadcast: (17/08/1994)
    This episode was made to celebrate the anniversary for the 10th series. It is mainly made up of archive footage; but also features new scenes in which René and Edith renew their love for each other. These events take place after the war but before the final events (where René elopes) of the last Episode.

The Return of 'Allo 'Allo! (2007)

  • First Broadcast: (28/04/2007)
    A one-off special written by Jeremy Lloyd where René is writing his memoirs and needs help to fill in the "big gaps". This episode features some of the original cast reprising their roles, which is inter-worked with a documentary about the show's history.
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