You Rang, M’Lord?



Original Broadcast Dates

29 December 1988 – 24 April 1993

Writing Partnership

Croft & Perry


Alf Stokes and James Twelvetrees, first meet as soldiers in the trenches of France during the First World War. They find the body of a seemingly dead officer and to James’s horror; Alf robs him of his valuables. Then they find that the officer, the Honourable Teddy Meldrum, is still very much alive and they carry him off to a field hospital. Ten years later, the story is set in a stately home in 1927, where James is working as the footman in the household of Teddy's brother, Lord Meldrum. Alf turns up unexpectedly and due to his heroic part in the saving of Teddy’s life, is taken on as the new butler, against James' wishes. Alf's daughter, Ivy also starts working in the household as a parlour maid though her relationship to Alf is kept secret.

The series follows the various relationships between the upper-class and their servants below stairs, in this Upstairs Downstairs take-off, as well as Alf's scheming and James' frantic attempts to stop him.


  • The theme song was composed by Jimmy Perry & Roy Moore and performed by Bob Monkhouse and Paul Shane.

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