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  • Pilot Episode
    First broadcast: (01/01/1980) (40 min episode)
    The members of Maplin’s Holiday Camp entertainments staff assemble for the start of the 1959 season to find a university professor as their new manager.

Series 1 (1981)

  1. Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto
    First broadcast: (26/02/1981)
    Jeffrey is implicated when a member of staff is spotted entering a chalet with a girl camper, placing his new career in jeopardy.
  2. The Beauty Queen Affair
    First broadcast: (05/03/1981)
    Jeffrey is called on to judge the Holiday Princess Competition. Meanwhile, Ted teaches Spike how to take advantage of the campers’ generosity.
  3. The Partridge Season
    First broadcast: (12/03/1981)
    Mr. Partridge's drinking habit is worsening, and Jeffrey's untimely decision to give him a pay rise doesn't help matters.
  4. The Day of Reckoning
    First broadcast: (19/03/1981)
    Fred's jockeying past comes back to haunt him, causing the staff - Peggy and Spike in particular – much inconvenience.
  5. Charity Begins At Home
    First broadcast: (26/03/1981)
    Joe Maplin ordains that each Thursday should be Sunshine Smile Day, prompting Ted to indulge in another money-making scheme.
  6. No Dogs Allowed
    First broadcast: (02/04/1981)
    Jeffrey's marital problems start to interfere with his work, and scandalous rumours are soon circulating around the camp.

Series 2 (1981 – 82)

  1. If Wet - In the Ballroom
    First broadcast: (29/11/1981)
    The alarming amount of rainfall is disrupting the Maplin's schedule endlessly, so the staff endeavours to combat the problem.
  2. Peggy's Big Chance
    First broadcast: (06/12/1981)
    Peggy's burning ambition to be a Yellowcoat may at last be realised when she is asked to take part in the latest pool wheeze.
  3. Lift Up Your Minds
    First broadcast: (13/12/1981)
    Jeffrey feels the 'Who's Got The Wrong Trousers On?' Competition is not catering for the cultural needs of the campers, and resolves to do something about it.
  4. On With The Motley
    First broadcast: (20/12/1981)
    Ted feels his big chance has come when he is asked to perform some dates at the local golf club dinners.
  5. A Night Not To Remember
    First broadcast: (27/12/1981)
    Jeffrey gets lead astray by some campers, and ends up a little worse for wear. Naturally, Gladys is eager to take make the most of the situation.
  6. Sausages or Limelight
    First broadcast: (03/01/1982)
    Spike is forced to make an impossible decision when his girlfriend's father issues an ultimatum.

Series 3 (1982 - 1983)

  1. Nice People With Nice Manners
    First broadcast: (31/10/1982)
    Yvonne and Barry decide to hold a party in their chalet for the more distinguished among the staff.
  2. Carnival Time
    First broadcast: (07/11/1982)
    It is time for the annual town carnival, and Jeffrey is looking to Ted for ideas for the Maplin's float.
  3. A Matter of Conscience
    First broadcast: (14/11/1982)
    When Joe Maplin realises that the council's idea for a new hospital threatens his plans for the camp, he advises the staff of what action they must take on his behalf.
  4. 4. The Pay-Off
    First broadcast: (02/11/1982)
    The local council remains unfazed by the prospect of having Joe Maplin as a neighbour, so Joe takes drastic action.
  5. 5. Trouble and Strife
    First broadcast: (28/11/1982)
    Ted's ex-wife is causing him grief by demanding her maintenance money. When she arrives at the camp in person, Ted is forced to act quickly.
  6. Stripes
    First broadcast: (05/12/1982)
    Joe Maplin decides that Gladys should hold the newly-created title of Head Yellowcoat. However, someone who looks likely to threaten her new position then arrives at the camp.

Series 4 (1982 – 1983)

  1. Co-Respondent's Course
    First broadcast: (12/12/1982)
    Jeffrey's wife is anxious to obtain a divorce. Unfortunately, he is not very co-operative when it comes to giving grounds.
  2. It's A Blue World
    First broadcast: (19/12/1982)
    Ted arranges a special late-night showing of a blue movie for the male campers. Meanwhile, the Yellowcoats plan a birthday party for the twins.
  3. Eruptions (Christmas Special)
    First broadcast: (26/12/1982) (45 min episode)
    Ted is fed up with his act in the ballroom being constantly interrupted, distracting his audience, and decides it's time Jeffrey did something about it.
  4. The Society Entertainer
    First broadcast: (02/01/1983)
    A female camper captures Spike's heart, making him eager to impress her - even if his work suffers as a result!
  5. Sing You Sinners
    First broadcast: (09/01/1983)
    The chaplain retires from his camp duties to concentrate on his church, leaving the Sunday Half-Hour in need of a replacement front man.
  6. Maplin Intercontinental
    First broadcast: (16/01/1983)
    Joe Maplin is opening a new camp in the Bahamas, and decrees that the winner of the Most Popular Girl Yellowcoat of the Season Competition will fulfil a post there.
  7. All Change
    First broadcast: (23/01/1983)
    With the camp filled to capacity, Jeffrey is less than delighted to learn that he has to re-accommodate the entire entertainments staff to make way for the new Yellowcoat Supervisor.

Series 5 (1983 – 1984)

  1. Concessions
    First broadcast: (27/11/1983)
    Ted resorts to deceit in order to keep from Jeffrey his private booking at a local function.
  2. Save Our Heritage
    First broadcast: (04/12/1983)
    Joe Maplin commands Jeffrey to assist with the demolition of a nearby cottage, which stands in the way of the camp's new extension.
  3. Empty Saddles
    First broadcast: (11/12/1983)
    Joe Maplin makes a decision concerning the camp's horses, which proves devastating to Fred.
  4. The Marriage Settlement
    First broadcast: (18/12/1983)
    Jeffrey finally agrees to divorce his wife, but in order to do so, he will require the help of a highly improbable source.
  5. The Graven Image
    First broadcast: (08/01/1984)
    The camp is all prepared for the unveiling of the new Joe Maplin statue. Alas, several factors, including Spike's uncharacteristic drunkenness, ensure that the ceremony does not run smoothly.
  6. Peggy's Penfriend
    First broadcast: (15/01/1984)
    The staff grow concerned for Peggy when she informs them she has a new boyfriend.
  7. The Epidemic
    First broadcast: (22/01/1984)
    The staff are expecting a visit from Joe Maplin, when there is an outbreak of ‘chads’ - a form of graffiti. As an indirect result, Barry injures his back, leaving him unable to perform.

Series 6 (1984)

  1. Together Again
    First broadcast: (03/11/1984)
    The Maplin's staff assembles at the start of the first season of the new decade to find a few surprises awaiting them.
  2. Ted At The Helm
    First broadcast: (10/11/1984)
    Ted is excited at the prospect of becoming the new entertainments manager, especially when he is summoned to Maplin's Head Office.
  3. Opening Day
    First broadcast: (17/11/1984)
    The opening day of the season has arrived and the staff prepares to greet the first batch of campers at the station.
  4. Off With The Motley
    First broadcast: (24/11/1984)
    When the post of Stores Supervisor becomes vacant, Peggy is promoted.
  5. Hey Diddle Diddle, Who's On The Fiddle?
    First broadcast: (01/12/1984)
    Peggy and Spike uncover evidence that suggests Clive is working undercover for Joe Maplin and keeping tabs on the staff.
  6. Raffles
    First broadcast: (25/12/1984)
    When Ted remembers that he has an old car – identical to Clive's – gathering dust, he comes up with a devious scheme to make some money.
  7. The Great Cat Robbery (Christmas Special)
    First broadcast: (25/12/1985) (1 hour episode)
    When Peggy recognises a picture of a deceased cat burglar in the newspaper as a former camper, Ted lets his imagination run wild.

Series 7 (1985 – 1986)

  1. It's Murder
    First broadcast: (05/01/1986)
    It seems the campers are no longer prepared to put up with Mr. Partridge's behaviour towards their children. So the staff are faced with a predicament when he goes missing.
  2. Who Killed Mr Partridge?
    First broadcast: (12/01/1986)
    Ted and Spike have discovered Partridge's dead body floating in the pool. They, and the rest of the staff, have to conceal his apparent murder from the campers.
  3. Spaghetti Galore
    First broadcast: (19/01/1986)
    Gladys finds herself very much in demand on the night of her birthday, with two offers of dinner... that she knows about!
  4. A Lack Of Punch
    First broadcast: (26/01/1986)
    Head Office decides not to replace Mr. Partridge until the end of the season, and tells the staff that they are to stand in for him until then.
  5. Ivory Castles in the Air
    First broadcast: (09/02/1986)
    Gladys gets the wrong idea when Clive takes her to visit his family estate.
  6. Man Trap
    First broadcast: (16/02/1986)
    Joe Maplin's press release angers its subjects, Gladys and Spike, whose relationships with Clive and April look set to suffer.

Series 8 (1986)

  1. Pigs Might Fly
    First broadcast: (08/11/1986)
    The shock departure of Barry turns his partner Yvonne into a recluse in her chalet, and leaves the entertainments programme one act short.
  2. The New Broom
    First broadcast: (15/11/1986)
    The unexpected arrival of the new camp controller catches everyone off guard, and Alec Foster is a man who does not pull any punches...
  3. Orphan of the Storm
    First broadcast: (22/11/1986)
    The staff rallies round when Alec Foster sacks Peggy. But it seems as though nothing can be done to save her job.
  4. God Bless Our Family
    First broadcast: (06/12/1986)
    Fed up with Clive's irresponsible behaviour, his entire family turns up at the camp to try and talk some sense into him.
  5. Only The Brave
    First broadcast: (13/12/1986)
    Spike thinks the staff should do something special for April's birthday. But with Ted organising the occasion, things are unlikely to go as intended.
  6. September Song (Christmas Special)
    First broadcast: (27/12/1986) (45 min episode)
    Ted has a new love interest, a young pianist whom he plans to marry. Elsewhere, Julian is hoping romance will blossom for himself and Yvonne, and takes her to visit his farm.

Series 9 (1987 – 1988)

  1. Tell It To The Marines (Christmas Special)
    First broadcast: (26/12/1987) (45 min episode)
    A Royal Marines sergeant antagonises Ted, causing him to make a rash statement, which he may have, cause to regret.
  2. Marry-Go-Round
    First broadcast: (02/01/1988)
    The campers are complaining about how unfunny the camp comic is. Spike believes it's because his engagement to April is preying on his mind and attempts to find a cure.
  3. The Perils of Peggy
    First broadcast: (09/01/1988)
    Clive is desperate to win Gladys back, but he requires the help of Ted and Peggy.
  4. Let Them Eat Cake
    First broadcast: (16/01/1988)
    Alec Foster pays the camp another visit and Ted takes the opportunity to ask for a pay increase.
  5. Wedding Bells
    First broadcast: (23/01/1988)
    As Gladys and Clive prepare to take the plunge, there is a sudden panic when Clive's family finds out about the impending marriage and attempts to put a stop to it.
  6. The Wind of Change
    First broadcast: (30/01/1988)
    It's nearly the end of the season, and there are plenty of events scheduled. But when Dawn falls ill, the timetable is thrown into chaos and a replacement is needed. But who?
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