Come Back Mrs Noah


5 + Pilot

Original Broadcast Dates

17 July 1978 – 14 August 1978

Writing Partnership

Croft & Lloyd


The show is set in the year 2050 and the winner of the 'Modern Housewife Cookery Competition', Mrs Gertrude Noah from Pontefract, wins a tour of Great Britain's new space exploration vehicle, Britannia Seven. Her televised experience comes to an abrupt end when a technical fault accidentally launches the spacecraft into orbit. She is trapped on board with TV reporter Clive Cunliffe, Carstairs & Fanshaw (Technical Staff) and Garstang from Maintenance and Security.


  • Despite having all the ingredients of being a great show, the critics didn’t like it ,and the BBC didn’t stick with it, therefore in spite of having a small but loyal fanbase, it was consigned to the BBC basement vaults never to be seen again.........until now!
  • Gorden Kaye appeared in this show having worked for David once before in a single episode of It Aint Half Hot Mum in the same year (1977). He obviously impressed David as he later cast him in three episodes of Are You Being Served? Four years after that he was to land the part that would make him a household name Rene Artois in ‘Allo ‘Allo.
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