Here Comes the Queen


1 - Pilot

Original Broadcast Dates


Writing Partnership

Croft & Lloyd


The pilot follows the story of a middle-aged brother and sister, Percy (Les Dennis) and Lillian Wills (Wendy Richard) who run a wool shop in Romford. They discover that they are the two remaining heirs to the throne of a small country called Crevenia in the ex Soviet Union. The country has gold deposits in the Bank of England (hidden there before the war) which is due to be repaid with interest when there is a male heir on the throne…. When the show begins, it is Lillian who is the heir as she is the eldest child.

Karminsky, an envoy from the Court of Crevenia (Philip Madoc) hatches a plot to assassinate Lillian with the aid of the mad scientist Mr. Chan (Burt Kwouk) so that the money will be repaid. However, British Intelligence get to hear of this, and send two agents to protect her (Janie Dee and Mark Dexter) as Britain does not have the funds to repay them! Indeed Britain would be completely bankrupt, so Lillian’s safety is of paramount importance. The British agents and the Crevenian assassins battle it out to see who will get the upper hand. Who will be the recipient of the ultimate Big Bang?!

Here Comes the Queen