Oh Doctor Beeching!



Original Broadcast Dates

14 August 1995 – 28 September 1997

Writing Partnership

Croft & Spendlove


A comedy in the tradition of Hi-de-Hi! and You Rang, M'Lord, and in fact sharing much of the same cast. Set around a railway station in 1960's rural England with the usual bunch of misfits, constantly putting their foot in it. The new station master of Hatley Station, Mr Parkin, has just been informed that many of Britain's less used railway stations could soon be closed by Dr. Beeching. Meanwhile the staff at Hatley Station do their best to keep the place ticking over. Mr. Parkin is delighted to find May Skinner working in the refreshment room. It turns out that May and Mr. Parkin had an affair during the War. It's up to May to keep this a secret from her very jealous husband, Jack; the station porter.

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