Croft and Lloyd

Jeremy Lloyd (born Danbury, Essex, 22nd July 1930) started off his career as an actor, but is probably best known for his work as a screenwriter and the creator and co-author of several successful British sitcoms in partnership with David Croft.

Lloyd made his film debut as an actor in 1960 in School for Scoundrels, and appeared in numerous film and television comedies during the 1960s and 1970s, notably Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In as a regular performer in 1969-70.

It is difficult to say when Lloyd and Croft first met, but they were nodding acquaintances for many years, both writing sketches individually and parodies of songs for The Billy Cotton Band Show, in which Lloyd played again the British Public School idiot he was so loved for in America

Their paths crossed again when Croft was asked by Sir Bill Cotton to bring his expertise to help a programme by Jilly Cooper called It's Awfully Bad for your Eyes Darling (1971). Lloyd was playing a part in it – (another Public School idiot!). Croft & Lloyd collaborated to re-write the first five minutes of the show to give it a few more laughs but, alas they failed to save it. However, during this time Lloyd mentioned that he had an outline for a show based on his experiences in the men's department at Simpsons of Piccadilly. Croft liked the idea a lot, so they got together to write a show that became Are You Being Served? (1972-85). Their nodding acquaintance became a life-long friendship, a hilarious and prolific partnership that also produced Come Back Mrs Noah (1978), Oh Happy Band (1980), ‘Allo ‘Allo (1982-92), and the Are You Being Served? spin-off, Grace and Favour (1992-93.)

Are you being served? was nominated for a BAFTA in 1977 for Best Situation Comedy and The Return of ‘Allo ‘Allo won the RTS award for Best Network Entertainment Programme in 2007.

“Jeremy is without doubt the funniest person that I ever met, a brilliant raconteur with one-liners second to none. Due to his fantastic enthusiasm and energy, we often worked at a tremendous speed, sometimes completing an episode in two days. I loved working with him.”

David Croft.

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